Live, love, laugh, learn at Dentsply Sirona World

This motto is what Dentsply Sirona strives to accomplish each and every year with the planning and execution of the Ultimate Dental Meeting.

As each Dentsply Sirona World ends, the planning for the next one begins. Every year the goal is to build on the success of the previous year’s event, while working to make the next one even better. The design of each year’s event starts with one motto – live, love, laugh and learn.

 Those four simple words are the building blocks of Dentsply Sirona World. It is Dentsply Sirona’s goal to make sure that every attendee heads home after their three days of education and fun having lived, loved, laughed and learned. Here is how Dentsply Sirona works to accomplish each of those goals.



The daily grind of a dental practice or business can be exhausting and tedious. When a dental professional is working, it is not uncommon to lose track of days or get bogged down in the workload. Dentsply Sirona World is a break from all those stressors. Dental professionals come and get rejuvenated and excited to head back home to implement all the amazing new things they picked up in all their courses. Everyone needs some time away and to experience something new in their life, and Dentsply Sirona World can be that for dental professionals.


Dentsply Sirona World is about creating and fostering dentistry’s most connected and welcoming community. Every year, attendees look forward to meeting up with old friends, while at the same time making new ones. It is incredibly common for dental professionals to come and create lifetime friendships with people from all over the world. From official networking opportunities to impromptu meet-ups, Dentsply Sirona World is a loving environment that looks to better the lives of all its attendees.


The sound of laughter filling a room is the norm at the Ultimate Dental Meeting. Dentsply Sirona World is designed to be a place of enjoyment in the dental industry, and that comes from its ability to let people have a great time in an environment centered on education. From its engaging speakers, A-list celebrity entertainment and energetic themed closing party, this event provides its attendees so many different ways to smile and laugh. Every day can bring new worries, but Dentsply Sirona World is there as a consistent point of relief and happiness for the dental community.


 At its core, Dentsply Sirona World is a dental meeting built around education. No other conference has as many unique courses, workshops and education tracks taught by the best minds in dentistry. Attendees can truly make this event their own by registering for a variety of sessions that best suit their needs. It’s a great place to improve your workflow and learn about the latest systems and technologies while earning continuing education credits. The speakers make everything easy enough to understand that you will be able to immediately implement new practices on your first day back in the office.


Megan Lynch