Father and Son Cross Generational Dentistry Lines with the Easy-to-Use CEREC Primescan

While Primescan is the dental market’s latest and most innovative new product, you don’t have to be a tech genius to enjoy this scan.

By Dr Peter E. Hagen and Dr. C. Storm Hagen
Hagen Dental
Fountain Valley, CA

As a father and son dental team, a 32-year age difference produces differing points of view when deciding what technology is used in your office.

The senior doctor is looking for solid ROI, and an asset that has value when transitioning. Also, believe it or not, the equipment has to not be too physically unwieldy and without a steep learning curve.

Conversely, the newer dentist grew up with hi-tech gadgets like smartphones and tablets and is expecting new technology to be in line with these types of computing marvels. Expectations may also include a streamlined workflow, and a proven track record that can be relied on over the years.

 The introduction of the new Dentsply Sirona CEREC Primescan has checked all of the boxes listed above, and then some. Improvements in scanning ease and accuracy, software workflow, and hardware esthetics have raised the bar in the chairside dentistry arena yet again, solidifying Dentsply Sirona’s place at the top of the digital mountain.

As CEREC trainers, we have seen leaps in technology, from Red Cam to Blue Cam to Omnicam and now to Primescan. With each upgrade, the oohs and aahs are abundant at the beginning, as we embrace the new features, then we settle in and go back to work. This upgrade however, seems to have a lasting “wow effect” that keeps the seasoned user excited about coming to work, and the younger dentist drooling over the capabilities of the new system.


The newly designed camera is incredibly easy to learn and use, recording all the areas that previously were problematic. Metal, highly polished ceramics, deep subgingival margins, tissue and palates are all captured quickly and accurately. Gone are the days where the occasional opaquing powder might have been needed to accurately record these sites.

Slightly larger than the previous Omnicam, the lens is strategically located at the very tip of the camera and has a larger, more forgiving imaging field, making it unnecessary to position uncomfortably into those hard to reach areas. The heating element is built-in, negating the need to be placed in the cradle to avoid fogging if used for any length of time. This feature can allow a user to record all of the needed scans without ever leaving the mouth or turning the camera off; a simple double tap of the foot pedal moves from catalog to catalog completely hands-free.

The ingenious “overwrite” feature has all but eliminated the need to manually remove extraneous artifacts during scanning. In previous versions, unwanted images such as cheek, tongue, fingers, etc. had to be removed using the “cut” tool, slowing down both the operator and the computer every time it was used. Now, simply rescan these areas and the artifacts are digitally removed. 

With scanning needs so easily accomplished, the new Primescan has literally become the only intraoral device an office would need. It eliminates the need for separate scanners for orthodontic, lab, and/or chairside restorations, the Primescan accomplishes them all with no additional learning curve. Its flexibility also includes a scalable sales approach, allowing budget conscious or new-to-digital-impression offices to start with the less expensive scan-only option, yet have the opportunity to upgrade to the full chairside software anytime in the future, with only the addition of a license key.


The new CEREC 5.0 software has elevated digital technology by aiming to eliminate operator error through performing many of the steps previously done manually.

Automated commands now include mounting the models, determining the model axis, insertion axis and margin. The automatic margin feature is highly improved over the previous software, and has no problem seeing even those deep margins that we have to deal with on occasion.  Overall, steps being removed from human hands (of course, you can edit any of these if you want), make it easier for staff members to complete the design portion, freeing the dentist to be confident in delegating and, as a result, become more productive in the office.

The increased accuracy in scanning and automated steps leads to proposals that are even more impressive than previous generations and require less fine tuning prior to manufacturing. New to the chairside software is the “dual buccal bite” software that improves the accuracy of occlusion, often completely eliminating the need to perform any post-delivery adjustments.


 The CEREC Primescan’s new sleek design is an immediate attention getter.  All tools can now be accessed using the large touchscreen, or the trackpad directly below.  The graphics are more lifelike and manipulating the models with your fingers on the screen feels like most of our current everyday devices. 

The trackpad and screen surfaces are designed completely seamless, making it easily approved for hospital or military disinfection protocols.  Expensive optics have been eliminated from the removable lens area, allowing offices to choose between multiple, affordable autoclavable tips or inexpensive single-use plastic alternatives.

The extended life rechargeable battery means you no longer have to be tethered to the cord during the day. Most offices charge overnight and at lunchtime, allowing you to move the Primescan throughout the office without having to plug it in.

 In summary, Dentsply Sirona has once again given notice to the digital industry that the CEREC Primescan is the new benchmark in scanning technology. Any office, whether a seasoned owner practice, a newer practice with a young doctor, or a combination of both with multiple doctors, the multi-facetted CEREC Primescan can be an asset to the business.

1. New camera makes scanning easier and more accurate than any other current system.
2. Enhanced software makes designing easier and minimizes post-insertion adjustment.
3. Improved graphics and upgraded touchscreen improves user interactions
4. New streamlined design improves disinfection techniques including removable camera tips.